Wildfire burn around wetland

What is climate change?

Climate change is the long-term shift in temperature and weather patterns. This change is being experienced globally.

The climate has changed naturally throughout history. But it's clear to scientists and knowledge holders the climate is changing more rapidly now. 

Human activities that burn fossil fuels are the main driver of climate change. We burn fossil fuels when we drive a gasoline-powered car, when we heat our homes and buildings, to support electricity generation and industry.

Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases act like a blanket and trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. This causes global temperatures to warm. 

The climate is an interconnected system. When the Earth warms it impacts temperature and weather patterns. Changing temperature and weather patterns impact many parts of the environment. This includes things like ecosystems and biodiversity, flood and wildfire risk, and food production. These changes can threaten our communities, infrastructure, access to the land and many other aspects of our lives.

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