Our Clean Future actions


Innovation finds new solutions to old problems. It could mean finding new ways to interact with each other, generate and use energy, manage waste or access resources. We’re investing in innovation by:

  • supporting Yukoners to participate in the green economy;
  • reducing the emissions intensity of the Yukon's mining industry;
  • enhancing sustainability of our tourism industry; and 
  • improving waste management. 

Supporting innovation and green business practices

There are many opportunities for Yukoners as we build a green economy. There are opportunities for Yukon innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses to supply clean energy and find ways to use energy more efficiently. We've created a listing of service providers in the Yukon

The Yukon Sustainable Tourism Framework

Sustainability is at the heart of the Yukon’s Tourism Development Strategy. The goal is to ensure sustainable and diversified growth that balances economic development with environmental, community and cultural values. The Yukon Sustainable Tourism Framework aims for sustainable growth: 

  • supporting healthy communities; 
  • preserving our natural environment for future enjoyment; and 
  • benefitting Yukoners for generations to come.
A group or people rafting down a wide river with mountains in the backdrop

There are currently 15 actions that support innovation objectives. To learn more about individual actions and where we’ve made progress, scroll through the tabs below. 


  • Action I1:  Incorporate greenhouse gas emissions into the decision-making process for Department of Economic Development funding programs by 2022.
  • Action I5: Create an award program by 2022 to recognize the achievements of local green businesses and organizations.
  • Action I6: Include new provisions in quartz mine licenses by 2022 that will ensure critical mine infrastructure is planned, designed and built to withstand current and projected impacts of climate change.
  • Action I7: Require quartz mines to project their anticipated greenhouse gas emissions, identify measures to reduce emissions, and annually report greenhouse gas emissions through the quartz mine licensing process beginning in 2022.
  • Action I8: Increase the Government of Yukon’s participation in intergovernmental initiatives related to mine resiliency, low-carbon mining, and innovation by 2021.
  • Action I10: Establish and implement a framework to measure the sustainability of tourism development in Yukon by 2021.
  • Action I11: Develop and implement a system to track greenhouse gas emissions from Yukon’s tourism industry by 2021.
  • Action I13: Develop legislation that will enable the Government of Yukon to restrict or prohibit the production, supply or distribution of appropriate single use bags by 2021.
  • Action I15: Develop and implement a system by 2023 to promote the reuse of government assets throughout the Government of Yukon. 

In progress

  • Action I2: Develop procurement guidance, operational requirements, and a collection of evaluation criteria to better support sustainable and local procurement, by 2024.
  • Action I3: Identify and develop options to address potential regulatory and policy barriers to the growth of green businesses in Yukon by 2023.
  • Action I4: Expand the range of relevant professional development offerings by 2023 to enable more Yukoners to participate in the green economy.
  • Action I9: Establish an intensity-based greenhouse gas reduction target for Yukon’s mining industry and additional actions needed to reach the target by 2022.
  • Action I12: Assess options for establishing a comprehensive waste diversion system in Government of Yukon buildings, including reuse, recycling, compost and e-waste collection by 2030.
  • Action I14: Design and implement a system for Extended Producer Responsibility by 2025 that will make producers responsible for managing materials through the lifecycle of a product.

New in 2023

  • Action I16: By 2025, establish a business incentive program that reallocates 100 per cent of proceeds from the federal Output-Based Pricing System to supports industrial facilities in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions intensity
  • Action I17: By 2025, undertake a needs assessment and related analysis to include the green labour market in the Yukon Labour Market Development Strategy
  • Action I18: Conduct research by 2026 evaluating possibilities for supporting and incentivizing use of lower embodied-carbon materials and locally produced materials in Yukon homes and buildings.

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