Areas where I can take action


Climate action means making innovative lifestyle changes. It means reducing our consumption and waste. Everything we own has an environmental impact from how it’s produced to how it’s disposed of. We can reduce our environmental impact by shifting how we think about our needs and wants. 

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Adopt a zero waste mindset

Zero waste means striving to produce no garbage that needs to be landfilled. This might not be your 1st step, but you can try new things to reduce your consumption and waste. 

  • Say no to plastics and single-use disposable items as much as possible. 
  • Use reusable grocery bags when doing food and other shopping. 
  • Use refillable containers for soap, shampoo and other items at local vendors that support this option. In Whitehorse there's Aroma Borealis, Riverside Grocery and the Yukon Refillery. 
  • Organize clothing swaps or donate your used clothing to a thrift or consignment store in your community. 
  • Lead shared resource projects such as a tool library or community garden to share items and cut back on consumption. 

Learn more about zero waste practices from Raven ReCentre.

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Start a community development project

You can take on a community development project if you're a: 

  • municipal or First Nation government; 
  • a non-profit;
  • charitable organization; or
  • First Nation development corporation. 

Apply to the Community Development Fund for sustainable community development project funding. This could include improvements to land or buildings and clean energy modifications.