Two people look at a river with ice on it with the sun in the distance

Our Clean Future goals 

We released Our Clean Future: a Yukon strategy for climate change, energy and a green economy in 2020. The strategy is in response to local and global climate emergencies. Our Clean Future was developed after three years of collaboration with Yukon First Nations, transboundary Indigenous groups and Yukon municipalities. 

Our vision is to come together as leaders to address climate change. We want to build thriving, resilient communities powered by renewable energy and supported by a sustainable green economy that protects and restores our natural environment. 

Our Clean Future sets 4 goals we want to accomplish by 2030 to achieve a clean future with healthy:

  • people;
  • communities; and 
  • ecosystems. 

Each goal includes ambitious targets to keep the Yukon on track in responding to the climate emergency.

Reducing the Yukon's greenhouse gas emissions
Ensuring reliable, affordable and renewable energy
Adapting to the impacts of climate change
Building a green economy