Reducing the Yukon’s greenhouse gas emissions

What we're committed to: 

  • Reducing the Yukon's greenhouse gas emissions by 45% lower than they were in 2010 by 2030. This target does not include mining. 
  • Setting a mining intensity target for greenhouse gas emissions from placer and quartz mining. 
  • Reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 for our entire economy.
Solar panels sit in the foreground while a mountain is in background. A piece of heavy machinery is on the left hand side

What we're doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

We passed the Clean Energy Act in 2022 which:

  • legislates the Yukon’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • ensures long-term accountability to climate change action. 

The Our Clean Future strategy includes actions that target the Yukon’s highest emissions sources, including: 

What are the Yukon’s greenhouse gas emissions? 

Our greenhouse gas emissions data is reported on a 2-year time lag. This is because of the:

In the Yukon, the majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, heating and mining. Other sources of greenhouse gas emissions come from electricity generation, waste and other areas.

What are the Government of Yukon's greenhouse gas emissions? 

Government of Yukon emissions mainly come from building heating. Emissions from transportation and electricity follow. A small amount comes from other sources, such as refrigerants and waste. 

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