Areas where I can take action


You can take action to make your community more resilient to the impacts of climate change. You can make sure your home is more resilient to flooding and wildfire risks. You can also strengthen our food security through some of the actions below. 


Buy local food

You can strengthen food security by buying local foods and supporting local farmers and producers.

 A community garden in the Yukon.

Start a community garden

Try starting a community garden or greenhouse to support growing local foods in your area. 

Financial assistance is available from our Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership funding program. 


Become a local food producer

Whether you're a commercial farm, a small business, a non-profit organization, a First Nation government or a municipality, you can start growing local foods.


Build your farm's resilience to climate change

Farming operations can be impacted by climate change. Apply for funding to enhance and adapt your farming operations’ resilience to climate change.

A fire danger sign with the arrow pointing to hight

Prepare your home and neighborhood for forest fires

Climate change can increase the frequency and intensity of forest fires. This puts your home and community at risk. Learning to FireSmart your home and property. 

Four people working on sandbags to reduce flooding risk

Prepare your home for flooding

Climate change can cause increased risk of flooding. This puts your home and community at risk. 

Yukoners making change

Preparing for wildfires is one way you can become more climate-resilient.  In our Yukon boreal forest, this means:

  • managing fuels surrounding communities and;
  • creating FireSmart areas and fuel breaks.  

Through our FireSmart program, many communities and organizations across the Yukon are preparing for wildfires. Here is what Stu Clark, FireSmart coordinator for the Copper Ridge Neighbourhood Association says about the importance of fire smarting in their area:

“The FireSmart activities in Copper Ridge grew out of a concern for all of Whitehorse after the Fort McMurray Fire. Copper Ridge is one of the most fire-vulnerable communities in Whitehorse. We are seeking to slow the progress of a fire by reducing fuel in the forest and to reduce the risk to houses by encouraging residents to eliminate places for embers to start a fire."

- Stu Clark, FireSmart Coordinator for Copper Ridge Neighbourhood Association