Areas where I can take action


Emissions from gas and diesel-powered vehicles are the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the Yukon. You can reduce your transportation emissions with the following actions.

One person riding a bike down a highway with snow capped mountains in the background

Active transportation

Walk or ride your bike to work if you can. Even 1 day a week has an impact. Purchase an electric bike to make your active transportation easier. You can get money back on an electric bike. 

Find Good Energy rebates for electric bikes.

A public city bus is stopped in the snow

Carpool or take public transit

Try carpooling with other family members or colleagues. If you live in Whitehorse, try using the city’s public transit system. Carpooling and taking public transit reduces the number of vehicles on the road. It helps reduce our overall emissions. Even 1 day a week has an impact. 

Look at the City of Whitehorse’s transit schedule

A close up shot of an electric vehicle being charged

Make your next vehicle electric

The next time you replace a vehicle buy an electric one. Save up to $5,000 using our Good Energy rebates. We're installing electric vehicle charging stations to support Yukoners transitioning to electric vehicles. See our map of electric vehicle charging stations across the Yukon. 

You can also get money back when you install a charger at your home or business through the same Good Energy rebates. Rebates are available for zero-emission snowmobiles and motorcycles.

Find Good Energy rebates for electric vehicles.

Yukoners making change 

Sierra VanderMeer riding an electric bike to commute to work in the winter with a child riding on the back.

Sierra van der Meer got her electric bicycle in April 2020. “Thanks to my ebike, I won’t go back to driving a car to work. I prefer cycling as a lifestyle.”  

With 2 young kids, commuting on a regular bike towing a chariot was becoming an increasingly difficult choice for Sierra. But with her electric cargo bike, Sierra’s kids can ride on the back.  “This is 1 option I can do that doesn’t affect my time with my family. It’s an easy win.”

“The cargo ebike has been essential because I pickup and dropoff my kids every day. I often share pickup duties with other parents and I have easily put 2 to 3 kids on the back on my ebike. I basically use my ebike as the family vehicle. The kids love it, they think it's a treat."  

Sierra, who works for the Government of Yukon, rides 30 to 40 kilometres between charges depending on the route and cargo load. For example, she can take her kids to the Canada Games Centre and back in one day or commutes from Riverdale (a Whitehorse suburb) to downtown Whitehorse for a week on 1 charge.  When it’s cold out, she pulls the battery off her bike and takes it inside to keep it warm.